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Review Recap For December 11-18, 2016

This was exam week at the day job, so things have been hectic. Today was also the second of two Saturdays in a row when I had to work (exam review last week, Model UN training session this week).

I am back to reviewing comics somewhat steadily, though not quite at the comic-a-day rate that my blog's title implies. For prose reading, I've started a couple of longer works which I will probably finish on the upcoming school vacation. In other reading news, my Year in Books on Goodreads is now available!

Here's what I reviewed this week.

On Comic A Day:

Jessica Jones #2: Second issue of the new series from Marvel Comics. This was the last of the small stack of comics I brought back from my short trip home in November.

Darth Vader #21: Also from Marvel, I bought this Star Wars comic for the fun cover variant!

Terminal Velocity Book 1: An autobiographical comic by indy cartoonist Barry Corbett that I picked up from him at Massive Comic Con in Worcester MA.


The two trips for Christmas break are now booked. First up, we'll be heading to Cambodia by bus: Two nights in Phnom Penh, then four nights in Kep, and then New Year's Eve in Phnom Penh before we head back to Saigon for two days.

Then it's off to Bangkok, Thailand. This was scheduled to be a business trip, but if circumstances work out in the next week or so, I am hoping it will be turned into a purely fun trip. Either way, I'm excited to see Bangkok for the first time.

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